Many investors are drawn towards penny stocks because of their huge potential gains with very little money. If you use stop losses or proper money management strategies, you can be wrong half the time and still make a lot of money with penny stocks.

Example of a move: CMGR ran up over 8,000% in just one day! One member alerted me his $500 investment was worth well over $20,000! INOL another recent flyer rallied 3,300%

These gains seem impossible but they happen all the time. If you can spot the signs early you can make lots of money. This is where BullRally steps in. We have spotted many of these movers early.

Lets say you for every trade that you make, you set you stop loss at 15% and let gains runs. For this strategy to work your gains will have to be bigger than 15%, which is very easy with penny stocks. Some penny stocks run up as much as 400% in a day.

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