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Penny Stock Broker Review

Absolute Lowest Cost (Stocks & Options):

Only $2.95 for stock trades and $9.95 flat rate for options (no additional contract fees). This is by far the best pricing on stock trading online. The best part is that they are backed by professonal grade investment tools. There are no maintenance fees, volume penalties, low account fees, and broker assisted trades are only $2.95. It took a little digging but they support bonds and mutual funds in addition to stock and option trading. This is the best deal I’ve seen in a long time.

Low Cost with Powerful Trading Tools:

Specializing in option tools and educations as well as stocks, futures, mutual funds, bonds, ETFs, and SSFs. They are very competitive on pricing across the board with ultra low cost on option trading. No unexpected fees and no maintenance fee on IRAs or any other account. No extra cost for broker assisted trades, webinars, or tool center.

Low Cost with Forex Trading: ZECCO

With Zecco there are no minimum balances to open an account. Stock trades are only 4.95 a trade. Their fees are minimal or non-existent with the exception of a $30 annual fee on IRA accounts. Signing up for an account online has been streamlined and is as easy as any other broker. To get 10 free trades a month you must make 25 trades or have a $25,000 minimum balance.

Long term stock investing:

Only $3 in and out for stock purchases. No maintenance fee on IRA or any other accounts. Allow fractional share purchases, automated stock purchases investing, and dividend re-investment. The only downside is a $2,500 minimum investment.

Best mid-range broker:

This is for the best broker that is in the middle between Premium and Standard discount brokers. Scottrade offers competitive rates with a lot of service and tools. They have the most physical branches than anyone else in the country. Scottrade is a broker that you can grow into and still feel comfortable with. They accommodate the small and large accounts nicely.

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