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Discover New Companies is the #1 destination for penny stock traders looking for Emerging Growth companies and alerts on the Small Cap Market.  We use proprietary criteria's in our stock scanners to come up with a daily lists of penny stocks that are on the verge of making big moves.  We also send out reports on emerging growth companies looking to tell their stories.

If you're looking to cut your research time in half or just want to know which stocks are on the move, then sign up for our penny stock newsletter.  Find out why thousand investors on our network trust us for their alerts.  We collect your email so we can send your our daily reports and alerts.  Your email is always safe with us and is never shared with anyone.

How To Get Started in the Stock Market 

Our seasoned team of stock market watchers scours the news headlines and tickers daily so that you don't have to!  Imagine being able to receive one convenient email alert daily in your inbox that apprises you of all the hot penny stocks and prospects that are worthy of your watching?

Penny Stocks allow the beginner or veteran expert to easily get involved due to the low price of these stocks and small account size by most online brokers.  Opening an online account is as easy as creating a new email address, once funded are you ready to dive into the markets.  Use our reports as a starting point for market ideas.

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